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Stable Video Diffusion: AI Video Will Transform the Film Industry

Video is one of the most powerful and popular forms of media today, as it can convey rich and engaging stories, emotions, and information. However, creating high-quality videos is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of time, resources, and skills. (Un)Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the game by enabling anyone to generate stunning and realistic videos with just a few clicks or words. Some sources say that within a year’s time, these generative AI will be able to produce full featured film.

Stable Video Diffusion will Change the Film Industry with Generative AI Video

In this blog post, we will introduce some of the most advanced and innovative AI video tools that are available today, and how they can help you create some amazing stuff to wet your feet in what I believe will completely transform Hollywood.

Stable Video Diffusion: AI Video Will Transform the Film Industry

Pika Labs: Turn Your Ideas into Videos with Text

Pika Labs is a pioneering company in the AI industry that has introduced an extraordinary text-to-video AI model that is set to revolutionize the way we create videos. With this innovative tool, you can transform simple text prompts into visually captivating and engaging videos in a matter of seconds.

Here is a demo of their text-to-video AI in action:

The model analyzes the text, understands the context, and then generates an original video clip containing visual elements and movement that aligns with the description provided in the input text. These models use machine learning algorithms trained on large datasets of text and video pairs to learn how to translate text into video content.

For example, if you type “a dragon flying over a castle”, the model will generate a video of a dragon flying over a castle, with realistic details and animations. You can also specify the style, mood, and genre of the video by adding keywords or phrases, such as “cartoon”, “horror”, or “romantic comedy”.

Pika Labs has recently launched their beta version of their text-to-video platform, which allows anyone to try out their amazing technology for free. You can sign up for their beta program on their website and start creating your own videos with text.

Runway: Apply Any Style to Any Video with Images or Text

Runway is another generative AI startup that has developed a powerful AI model that can transform existing videos into new ones by applying any style specified by a text prompt or reference image. This model is called Gen-2, and it is based on the Stable Diffusion framework that was co-created by Runway last year.

Stable Diffusion is a state-of-the-art text-to-image model that can generate high-quality and diverse images from text prompts. Gen-2 extends this capability to video, by allowing users to either generate new videos from scratch with text prompts, or modify existing videos with text or image prompts.

For example, if you upload a video of a person walking in a park, and then enter a text prompt such as “a snowy day”, the model will generate a new video of the same person walking in a snowy park, with realistic snowflakes and lighting effects. You can also use an image as a reference, such as a painting or a photo, and the model will transfer the style and composition of the image to the video.

Runway has released Gen-2 as a part of their online platform, which offers a variety of AI tools for creative purposes. You can access Gen-2 and other AI magic tools on their website. You can also learn more about the research and technology behind Gen-2 on their research page.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use Gen-2 to create cinematic AI videos:

Generate videos from images with Stable Video Diffusion

Stable Video Diffusion is a new image-to-video model that can generate videos from images using Stable Diffusion. It works by taking an image as an input, and then adding motion and dynamics to it based on the content and context of the image. For example, if you input an image of a bird, the model will generate a video of the bird flying or flapping its wings.

ComfyUI is a GUI that allows you to easily use Stable Video Diffusion and other Stable Diffusion models without coding. You can construct an image generation workflow by chaining different blocks (called nodes) together, such as loading a model, entering a prompt, specifying a sampler, etc. ComfyUI also supports other features, such as upscaling, inpainting, LoRAs, etc.

ComfyUI is currently available for free and non-commercial use, and you can download it from their website. You can also check out some of the examples and tutorials on their blog8 and Medium9 pages.

Here is an example of Stable Video Diffusion:

How to Get Started with Stable Video Diffusion

If you want to learn how to use Stable Video Diffusion in ComfyUI, you can watch this video tutorial that I have created below:

Getting Started with Stable Video Diffusion: Installation and Intro to SVD in ComfyUI
Getting Started with Stable Video Diffusion: Installation and Intro to SVD in ComfyUI

Stable Video Diffusion: Installation & Intro to SVD in ComfyUI n ComfyUI is a user-friendly graphical user interface that lets you easily use Stable Video Diffusion and other diffusion models without any coding. You can simply drag and drop different nodes to create an image generation workflow, and then adjust the parameters and settings to…

Before you start, make sure you have installed ComfyUI and the Manager on your device. You can follow the instructions on how to do that below:

How to Install ComfyUI: A Simple and Efficient Stable Diffusion GUI
How to Install ComfyUI: A Simple and Efficient Stable Diffusion GUI

ComfyUI: A Simple and Efficient Stable Diffusion GUI n ComfyUI is a user-friendly interface that lets you create complex stable diffusion workflows with a node-based system. You don’t need any coding skills to use it. Before you install ComfyUI, make sure you follow our prerequisite guide [here]. This will prepare you for using other tools…

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