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Andy H. Tu

Photographer, Creative Director,
Digital Artist, Content Creator,
Web3 Ambassador and AI Connoisseur

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Rezience is my photography and athleisure brand, but this site is about much more than just my collective work. It’s a hub for creative learning, where I share my experiences in visual storytelling. Here, you’ll find a blend of professional insights, personal experiences, and practical advice on using AI to enhance your work. It’s a space for photographers and content creators of all levels to discover how to market themselves, build their brand, and create impactful, meaningful content in an industry that is growing faster than I’ve ever seen it.

I also talk about Web3 discussing its significance and how it’s paving the way for a decentralized future. It’s an exciting time to be a creator, and I’m here to guide you through this transition, helping you to thrive and find success in a world where community and collaboration are key. Let’s make the most of the opportunities Web3 has to offer.

Andy H. Tu

My story as a bay area photographer is one of growth, discovery, and passion. It started when I was a freshman at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, a shy and insecure artist who struggled to find my voice and style. I was fortunate to have a mentor, Henry Chan, who saw my potential and helped me overcome my fears and doubts. He taught me to follow my intuition and appreciate the art of imperfection.

Now, I am a seasoned photographer and visual effects artist with over two decades of experience in the creative industry. I have honed my skills and developed my niche in personal branding photography, commercial photography, and fashion photography. I have worked with prestigious publications like Maxim and Men’s Health, as well as leading brands like Fashion Nova and Nike.

I am a photographer with a twist. I don’t just take pictures, I create stories. I use my skills and experience in creative writing, copywriting, visual effects, and animation to bring my subjects to life. I see them as characters, with personalities, goals, and conflicts. I see them as part of a bigger story, a story that I want to share with the world.

This is what drives my work as a personal branding photographer and commercial photographer. I have spent the last ten years perfecting my craft, capturing the beauty and strength of athletes and models. But I have a bigger vision, a vision that goes beyond photography. I want to build a comic universe called DangerGirl, where I can combine photography, art technology, and the amazing people I’ve worked with into a stunning universe.

As a Creative Director, I am a multitasker and love to take on diverse projects at the same time. I have a knack for producing high-quality creative work that stands out, and I am confident that I can add value to any organization. My ideal clients value my commitment and realize that their success is my success.

Through my photography, digital art, and content marketing services, I aim to help people reach their goals. I truly enjoy working with people and aspire to build lasting relationships with clients who share my enthusiasm for creativity and innovation. Let’s work together to make your vision a reality!

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Majored in 3D Animation and Technical Design. During my studies, I acquired essential skills in both traditional and digital animation techniques, character rigging, and visual storytelling. Additionally, I delved into foundational artistic concepts such as color theory, lighting techniques, texturing, digital sculpting, concept art, and storyboarding. My minor in Marketing complemented my technical skills by providing insights into brand development, digital marketing strategies, project management, and entrepreneurship.

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Andy H. Tu

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